Top 2019 Digital Trends to Watch

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Since the time the internet came into the limelight, web designing has undergone a lot of transformations. Like every year, 2019 also promises to bring in new trends in the digital world. What is actually in store is yet to be known, but there certainly are a few designing trends that have caused a lot of stir. Here’s a quick look through these upcoming trends will certainly help you keep pace with the industry.

Oversized, bold fonts

While the trend was already seen in 2018, this year it is going to get bolder and bigger. With bigger and bolder typography, it becomes easy to grab the user’s attention and get him glued on to the content.

Coupon Codes Will Be Everywhere.

coupon websites

Thanks to chrome extensions, apps, and online vouchers websites, ‘couponers’ have tons of tools at their disposal to save money on their online and off-line purchases. These deals tools aren’t going to go away: everyone loves a deal after all. What will you do to try and use this trend to your advantage?

VR is in

These days, everyone seems to be talking about virtual reality. While VR headsets and other VR gaming gadgets have been successful in consolidating their place in the market, web designers are not too far behind. Many designers are looking at incorporating virtual reality technology in web designing as well. Real estate websites, news applications and gaming websites will find extensive application of virtual reality technology in their designs.

Innovative navigation

Be it Amazon or CNN, the menu of the contents of the website are mostly found stitched on the top of the page. That had been the navigation pattern for almost all websites till now. Not anymore. With hidden menus getting immense acceptance and popularity in mobile devices, they are soon to be seen in desktop websites as well. Not only will that leave more space for the designer to make the webpage look more attractive, but would be able to match the designs that have been widely applied on mobile sites.

Gone are the days of those long and complicated navigation menus. The modern designs of 2019 will not need anything more than 3 to 4 clicks for the user to arrive at the desired content. That will enhance user experience manifolds, and will increase the acceptability of the website as well.

More videos will be there

Embedded videos not only tell the tale better, but also make it interesting for the user to go through the content of the website. It also helps in getting more traffic to the website, thanks to the tagging of keywords that helps increase the presence of the website in search pages more frequently. Adding a video to the webpage does not cost too much, thanks to the YouTube servers which are designed for the purpose of hosting and streaming videos. Lastly, getting a video embedded in the webpage adds a personal touch, which is so very important to create that first impression in the visitor’s mind.

Animations and GIFs will be more prevalent

If the webpage describes a certain procedure, there is no better way than to put an animated image of the things that happen one after the other. It took the designers some to realize this, but now that they have understood the power of animated GIFs, you can expect to see a lot more of them in websites that gets designed in 2019. Animations help in better communications and make the site more interesting and useful to the users. To add to that, it also makes the website lighter by not adding those heavy JPEGs and even WMV files.

Landing pages will become more important

In 2019, homepages will lose their importance to landing pages. As most site owners would want their visitors to get straight to the content, they would give more emphasis to the landing pages of websites. With content marketing spreading its wings off late, this would be a more logical thing to do as the traffic would routed to landing pages where they would get their target content easily. That will ensure that the user is not wasting his time going through the unwanted content on the homepage and navigating his way to the items that he actually needs from the website.

It is certain that like 2018, this year is also going to come up with websites with new designs. While the above mentioned designing trends would be prevalent, there could be something more innovative coming our way this year. Some designs from yesteryear will get imitated this year as well. Summing it all, 2019 is going to be an interesting year in terms of web designs and their implementation on websites.