WooCommerce Features


If you are a small business or individual looking to set up an online store, we would really encourage you to use the WooCommerce plugin in tandem with the WordPress content management system. It’s a very powerful and flexible plugin, you’ll have an awesome store up and running in no time!

Sell any type of product

You can sell anything you want (as long as it’s legal!) through your WooCommerce store, whether that is physical products, music, videos, pictures, software, or other kinds of files. It is actually even possible to do affiliate marketing through your online store and sell products from a marketplace. Affiliate marketing is when you don’t actually hold any product or deal with the clients directly, you just refer sales to retailers and then earn a commission per sale.

Take payments easily

WooCommerce comes with PayPal as your default for accepting payments since it can be used with most major credit cards and your clients’ personal PayPal accounts. You can also use BACS or Cash on Delivery. If you have a specific payment gateway that you like to use or are already using for your business, odds are that there is a WooCommerce extension that supports it.

Shipping and Inventory

You have different shipping options available to you, you can choose from free, flat rate, or you can use calculated and specific distribution tables. For the latter there are several different shipping extensions that you can use. Most of them are paid, but it is worth the investment as it will save you a lot of time and headaches.

There is also a fairly extensive and easy to use inventory interface in the backend, you can assign store managers to take care of inventory management. You can track both physical and digital or intangible products.

Other Features

We think that the features mentioned above are some of the most useful, but you also have access to generated reports on your stock levels, sales, store performance, and reviews in your WordPress backend. You can run advertising campaigns for free shipping and coupons, with the ability to limit the product amounts. Figuring out taxes can be really tricky, but WooCommerce gives you tools to calculate it with tax classes and local rates.

If you are looking at building an online store with your WordPress site then you should definitely check WooCommerce out, and if you need help getting everything set up please get in contact with us!

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