Best Hosting Companies


Once we have built your website you will need to host it somewhere. When you are looking for a web host you want to consider up time, features, flexibility, and, of course, price. We’ll outline some of our top picks below, and you can find some great promo codes here for our suggested companies on the linked website.


If you’ve ever watched a Superbowl, you are probably familiar with GoDaddy. Even if you haven’t, you will have likely heard about their over-the-top advertising campaigns. However, boundary pushing ad campaigns are not why we like them as a hosting company. We have used them personally as both a domain registrar and hosting company with absolutely no complaints. And the daily automated file backups have saved our butts on more than one occasion! The prices are great too, and they are always running coupon campaigns so check the link in the first paragraph to save yourself some money.


WordPress keeps their own list of recommended web hosts and Bluehost is top of their list. Bluehost really takes advantage of this angle and offers website hosting packages specifically for people who want to use Bluehost. They say that they design and build their servers to ‘run WordPress like a dream’, but I’m not really sure what they mean by that because any Linux server with your typical LAMP stack is going to handle Worpdress with no problem. At any rate, while I don’t have any personal experience with Bluehost I have heard lots of good things and WordPress certainly seems to think they are a good host to work with!


Dreamhost is another major web host that labels themselves as ‘WordPress optimized’. Again, I’m not really sure what that means beyond the fact that they have Linux servers and WordPress available as a 1-click install (most major web hosts offer this service). However, they are also on the list of hosts recommended by WordPress, so they’re probably a safe bet.

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