5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Redesigning Your Website

Web Redesign

Are you planning to redesign your website? There are many business owners who want to redesign their website in order to accommodate new features and changes. Sometimes they also redesign the website because may be their present website is not bringing the traffic they are expecting. Redesigning your business website is an inevitable part to keep it up-to-date and also to make it more and more interesting with some interesting changes for your customers. But redesigning is not a simple or easy task. You have to make some plans ahead to get the best result. Before you start redesigning ask yourself five important questions. These are –

1: What is The Issue with Your Present Website?

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A Web Designer Sometimes Needs to be a Detective.

Every web design company should ask their new clients to answer this question first. It helps the client figure out how to express what they want more clearly, and it gives the company something more concrete to work off of.

Analyzing and finding out the exact issues from your present website can help you to learn a lot about your mistakes. We all are humans and making mistake is a natural thing. But you can definitely learn from these mistakes and make sure that you improve yourself next time. Same goes for the redesigning of websites. You need to do an insight analysis about what and where it went wrong so that you can find a great solution for those while redesigning the website.

You can rely on Google Analytics to find what is wrong with your website. You can also focus on the complaints and feedbacks by the customers about your website design. This will help you a lot to improve while redesigning your website.

2: What Are Your Goals Behind This Redesign?

This is a very important question that you need to ask yourself in order to understand whether or not you really need to redesign your website. If your website is already performing brilliantly then redesigning may not be necessary.

But if your website is not working as properly as you want then you need to identify the goals behind the redesign. Are you losing a lot of customers because your website is too hard to navigate? Isn’t your website optimized for the mobile for which the bounce rate has increased? Is your website struggling to get top ranks in SERP (search engine result page) even though you are trying the best SEO tools? Is the website design and the message that you want to convey are not matching with each other? After identifying your goals clearly you will be able to achieve the best result for redesigning.

3: What are the Features You Want to Introduce?

If you want to implement some of the important features in your website to improve customer engagement then you need to clearly identify them. Some great features can help your website to attract good amount of traffic. If you want more customer engagement on the product page, then introduce the zooming feature. This will help them to zoom in and look at the details before buying the product. This will also satisfy them more as they can see the product designs and features in details. Add features like 360 degree view to see the product from each and every angle. Features like visual media, reliable paying options will help you to gain a lot of potential customers for your business website.

4: What Will Be The Impact of Redesign on User Experience & Sales?

Before you start redesigning another important question you need to ask yourself is whether or not this design will have an impact on your User Experience and sales. When you are redesigning the first and most important aspect you need to consider is the improvement of user experience. Otherwise it is a simple waste of time and money. So, before implement any nice and fancy feature in your website ask whether or not it will help you to improve your website’s user experience. Make the navigation easier and better for the visitors to gain best and potential traffic.

5: Do you Need to Hire a Web Design Company or do The Redesign In-House?

If you want to get the best user experience by redesigning your website and gain some potential traffic from it, then it is better to hire a professional web design company. It may cost you extra but that will be a good investment for your business. You can gain a lot of customers and increase your sales with this simple step. So, do the proper researches on which professional Web Design Company will be the best for you.

So, these 5 questions will naturally help you to properly redesign your website and gain a lot of profit in the long term.